Phoenix New Times

Police Brutality Protest in Downtown Phoenix



At first, it was hard to find the protestors, because they were often mobile. We first encountered them blocking an intersection and standing on the light rail tracks. “Whose streets?” They yelled. “Our streets!”

There about 150 of them, mostly anarchists and punks, gathered to show their anger over police abuse. The recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri, triggered following the death of 16-year-old Mike Brown, were the perfect catalyst for officer-related injustice here in downtown Phoenix.

After all, it wasn’t even two weeks ago that Michelle Cusseaux of Maryvale was shot and killed by police. According to authorities, she tried to attack officers with a hammer after they attempted to transport her to an inpatient psychiatric facility. “Justice For Michelle” signs abounded, who was shot on August 14th. Her family, demanding answers, appeared at City Hall Friday August 22nd with her body in a coffin.

The Saturday night protest began at Downtown Phoenix Civic Space Park, but the group moved all over the place, stopping traffic, crossing through Copper Square retail spaces, shouting outside bouncing clubs on Washington Street and pounding on the windows outside 12 News Station.

There was no police-on-civilian violence here, unlike in Missouri, and no one was arrested or teargassed. More protests are said to be in the works.